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12 executed during a house invasion in Van

During an operation organized by special operations team in Edremit district in Van, 12 people were executed

In Yeni Mahalle region of Van’s centre district Edremit, special operation teams invaded a two-storied house. During the operation, 12 people –one of them a police- lost their lives. Van Governorship stated that the people who passed away were ‘organization members’.

DİHA reported that 11 people who lost their lives were between 18-25 years old and most of them were shot in the head. According to the statements of the neighborhood residents, the skirmish lasted at least 2 hours and loud gunfire sounds were heard during the invasion. Intensive shooting from cobra type ironclads was also recorded.

Bodies of 11 people were taken to Van Yuzuncı Yıl University Dursun Odabaşı Medical Center. Body of the police and 2 other wounded polices were taken to Van Region Education and Research Hospital.

The hospital is blockaded by the special operation teams, incoming are being ID checked.

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