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DIHA reporter Nedim Oruç who has been beaten and taken into custody by the operational forces in Silopi is arrested

In Silopi, Şırnak, Nedim Oruç was tortured and forced to get into an ironclad and taken to an unknown location. The Dicle News Agency (DİHA) reporter whose custody situation has been revealed by the public pressure is now under arrest.

On the January 5th, with the other neighborhood residents, Nedim Oruç was taken out of his home at gunpoint and driven to a gym. The reporter was exposed to brute police force and became trending on Twitter with the hashtag #NedimOrucNerede (where is Nedim Oruç). With the pressure of public, it was found out that he was on custody and taken to the prosecution on the evening of January 6th.

He was questioned and arrested in Silopi Courthouse and with the accusations of ‘aiding and abetting the organization’.

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